How we grade our books

By now you have probably seen how we grade our books, but here is a note for those who haven't or are just curious. Sometimes we will drift away from these grades based on the age of the book. A fifty year old very good will look substantially different to a five year old very good.

Poor - on its last legs, pages are likely falling out, only listed because it breaks our hearts to throw them away.

Fair - you are probably going to be the last person to adopt this book, normally these will have numerous larger creases on cover and spine and occasional  medium tears in the cover

Good - perfectly readable but will have numerous creases on cover and spine, occasionally there will be some peeling to the spine.

Very Good - likely will have creases on spine and maybe a small crease or two on the cover.

Near Fine - Almost perfect but is likely to have a crease on spine or cover

As New - Well if there is something wrong with it, sorry we either missed it or it happened in transit.

Ex Library - Previous library book, will have printing inside, also likely to have a protected cover and stickers applied to spine

Feel free to message us about a book your thinking of ordering and we will be happy to send out more pictures if needed

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