Agent of Vega
Agent of Vega
Agent of Vega
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Agent of Vega

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Agent of Vega

Four closely related science-fiction telepathic spy novellas.
First published in Astounding Science Fiction, July 1949, 1950 and 1951 and Galaxy Science Fiction 1950.

Fantastic but true!

"Having a Daya-Bal as a Zone Agent makes me extremely uneasy," the Executive Scientist said. "Especially when she's given one of your ultimate space ships."

"I can vouch for her," the Galactic Co-ordinator said casually.

"But supposing another people--like the Daya-Bals--came into possession of one of our ultimate ships. They could duplicate it."

"Don't worry--our Agents are psychologically incapable of giving away secrets that could cause us harm."

"I know," the Scientist said. "That's why I was surprised to discover that there are two other Daya-Bals secretly aboard our Agent's ship!"

quality very good (1964 edition) - some edge wear and page discolouration