Away until 21st February

We are out of office until the 21st February. All orders between today (11th) and then will be posted as soon as possible after the 21st.   

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Author of the Month - February

Author of the Month Theodore Sturgeon

This months Author of the Month is Theodore Sturgeon. Although he is not as well known as Asimov and Bradbury who were writing at the same time he is still well known as a science fiction author (and horror, and many other genres including reviews (of which apparently he wrote 400+ in his lifetime)) He is credited with a wide number of books and stories, although he only wrote a few full length novels there have been many books published that contain his work or are single author anthologies. He was well known for taking unusual topics and exploring them...

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Author of the Month - January

Author of the Month

So for 2022 we will be focusing on a single author each month and using our highlight spot to show off the books we have available from them. We have started this year with J R R Tolkien who is the author behind The Hobbit and also the Lord of the Rings. He was born on the 3rd of January 1892 which would have made him 130 this year. You can find more information about his work and his life in general here: you can find his books here:

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Happy New Year!!

We hope everyone had a great and safe new year. Posting will continue from this point on and we will be putting up many more books in the upcoming weeks so keep an eye out. Thank you all for your custom last year and we look forward to working with you all this year.

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Closed for the Holidays


Thank you to everyone who has shopped with us this year, we appreciate each and every sale and hope you are all enjoying the books! With that we are closed for the holidays and hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable winter holidays. All orders that come in between now and January won't be processed until January. Have a great one and see you all in 2022

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