Memnoch the Devil -  Hardback
Memnoch the Devil -  Hardback
Memnoch the Devil -  Hardback
The Inquisitive Goblin

Memnoch the Devil - Hardback

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Memnoch the Devil

Lestat, perfect vampire and eternal rebel, so gifted for evil yet so drawn by goodness, seeking constantly to justify the nature he abhors, makes his most reckless challenge ever - to defy both God and the Devil!

Amid the luxury and decay of present-day new York, Lestat chooses his victims with care, taking only those truly evil humans he can also love. But his obsession with Roger, a sophisticated drug lord - whose beautiful and saintly daughter Dora fascinates him even more - is plagued by the sense that Lestat, too is being stalked, like one of his own victims.

Quality - very good - some signs of wear and page discolouration