The Time of the Eye
The Time of the Eye
The Time of the Eye
The Time of the Eye
The Inquisitive Goblin

The Time of the Eye

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Here is a collection of dark and wonderful stories by one of the most explosive talents in science fiction today. He has won more Hugo and Nebular awards—the most coveted trophies of the SF world—than just about any other writer, and, reading these tales of conflict, alienation and future fantasy, it is easy to see why.

* Are You Listening?
* Try a Dull Knife
* In Lonely Lands
* Eyes of Dust
* Nothing for my Noon Meal
* O Ye of Little Faith
* The Time of the Eye
* Life Hutch
* The Very Last Day of a Good Woman
* Night Vigil
* Lonelyache
* Pennies, Off a Dead Man's Eyes

quality good - edge and corner wear, scratch and minor marks on cover, name written inside cover